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 Aligned and Activated
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Re-aligning your belief systems and activating you in your truth 


What Aligned and Activated Means to Me?

What You Need to Know

I can only speak for myself when I say this, my parents did an incredible job of making adult life look fun, me ?  Not so much. in the eyes of those around me I was struggling, I've never had a job for more than 4 years, I'm not married and I do not have an biological children, I am one shake head away from being a spinster in the eyes of those who do not matter. That was exactly what my life journey has taught me, that only what I believe to be true matters. What does any of this have to be with what Aligned and Activated means to me ? For me, the ups and downs and weirdness of life, have brought me to the place where I have realised the essentialness of not only loving yourself but also what you believe about yourself. Through years and years of self work and saying I was going to give up and not actually giving up, I've discovered that fundamentally I was living a life in alignment with what other people saw for me and not what I truly wanted and saw for myself. I redefined my beliefs and by doing so I become more in alignment with my true self every day and that activates me in my purpose... And guess what my purpose is ? to help you redefine and reshape your beliefs so that you may also tap into and align to your truth  and get activated in your purpose and personal power. 

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